Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking for the Good--A Remarkable Interview

So, it's not the circumstances in our lives, but our attitude towards them that makes all the difference. We know this, on so many levels, but don't always put it into practice. Certainly with our bodies--as I wrote about in the last blog-- and in our whole lives, being at war with ourselves just creates more of the same.

There is a stunning example of this concept on one of Tony Robbins' sites--an interview with a 108 year old Holocaust survivor who somehow chose joy, through it all. A cancer survivor and musician as well, she says "I look for the good," and she finds it. She also speaks about something more than food having the power to feed and to heal us.

I invite you to check out this interview this week and consider the power of joy, and of looking for the good. Your life will reward you for it.


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