Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Prayer to Honor the Body

I've been thinking lately about that prayer of St. Francis, how it encourages us to address the needs that are before us by providing what is needed to the world. I wonder how much we do that with our bodies, which we so often ignore in the face of our to-do-lists. Sometimes we need a reminder of the path we truly wish to tread.

This poem is written to honor the body, and remind us of the simple things it requires from us, and is oh-so grateful to receive...

Prayer On Behalf of the Body
Body, make me a kind caretaker of your wisdom.
When you are tired, let me give you rest.
When you are hungry, let me feed you what you truly need.
When you feel sadness, let me comfort your soul.

When sickness comes, let me listen to what you are telling me.
When you are well, let me celebrate the gifts you give.

Where there is breath, let me breathe it;
Where there is energy and light, allow me to let it in.
Where there is bliss, fill me to my fingertips and toes.

Great Teacher and Vessel,
Allow me to give you what I also know I need:
Not so much perfection as an open heart to all that is.
Not so much judgment as compassion for who you are and what you do,
Not so much hatred as love,
Not so much resentment as respect for all you have to show me.

For it is in giving you what I need that I learn how to give it to myself;
And in giving it to myself
I can truly begin to experience my place in this world.


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